Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control


Our residential customers choose Bio-Chem Exterminating because:
  • We offer customized treatment programs tailored to fit your needs while ensuring that the safety of people, pets, property and the environment remains a top priority
  • Our knowledgeable staff can, in most instances, diagnose your pest problem, explain the treatment procedure, and provide you with a FREE quote while on the phone with you
  • We employ licensed service technicians expertly trained in the latest treatment procedures and the safe application of product.
  • We pride ourselves on our level of service and our quick response to pest problems that may suddenly arise
  • If the need arises, a trained professional can come to your home to identify your pest problem and the proper service options

One-Time Treatment Program

Bio-Chem offers residential customers protection against a wide variety of insects including ants, bees, birds, centipedes, clover mites, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, ladybugs, mice, millipedes, rats, silverfish, sow bugs, spiders, spring-tails, stored product pests, and termites to name a few.

These one-time treatments carry our “Pest-Free” guarantee. If your pest returns, we return to rectify the problem (guarantee periods vary by pest). Now that is service!!

Ongoing Service Program

To prevent unwanted pests in or around your home, Bio-Chem provides ongoing services which can be performed on a monthly, quarterly, every-other- month, basis. This program covers a wide range of general, household insects for one, low cost. Once enrolled in this program, you avoid having to pay the higher one-time treatment prices each time a pest outbreak occurs.

You will never have to worry about emergencies thanks to our “Pest-Free” guarantee. You are covered 365 days a year and if additional treatments are required between your ongoing service, Bio-Chem will provide an immediate response at no additional charge!

Reduced Impact Program

Being that the goal of our “Eco-Friendly” Reduced Impact program is to eradicate unwanted pests from the home environment and prevent future infestations, this program will achieve this objective with proven effectiveness and extremely low environmental or mammalian toxicity. This program incorporates the following protocol:

  • Utilizes combinations of plant essential oils that offer botanical alternatives to conventional liquid treatments
  • Utilizes self-contained bait stations, gels or pastes, and environmentally sensitive dust applied at crack and crevice or wall void locations
  • Utilizes monitoring devices and pheromone traps to monitor pest activity and develop corrective action plans
  • Utilizes the strategies of integrated pest management with a focus on habitat and structural modifications, inspection and monitoring, and target specific placement of products to name a few
  • Conventional products will be utilized on the exterior and as need on the interior with prior notification

Although this program is more expensive than conventional treatments, it provides peace of mind for the product sensitive customer!!!